The National Benefit Authority Helps You Learn More about Disability Caregiver Tax Credits

Did you know that if you care for a disabled person, even if they aren’t considered your dependent, you might qualify for a very beneficial tax credit? Agencies such as The National Benefit Authority have helped countless disabled people and caregivers qualify for tax deductions and other benefits. If your parent or grandparent lives with you at any time during the year, and he or she suffers from a qualifying disability, you may be entitled to caregiver tax credits, and there is help available when you apply.

There are many complex aspects of disability tax credits, and you’re much better off with assistance from a disability tax professional. Here is a brief overview of information about the caregiver tax credit:

  • The disabled person in question must be the parent or grandparent of you or your spouse or partner by common law, and must be 65 years of age or older.
  • The disability must markedly restrict his or her ability to perform the basic tasks of daily living.
  • The disabled person or persons must have lived in a dwelling that you or your spouse or partner maintained during the tax year.
  • You or your spouse or common-law partner must complete a complex application, including all required forms and medical records.


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